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Piano Tuning and Repair Milpitas Santa Clara San Jose

Piano Tuning

Although a piano can be tuned to a variety of pitches, the standard pitch today is A-440. Keeping your piano tuned to that pitch is essential in developing a good musical ear. If you have any plans of playing your piano with other instruments, the music will not sound in tune if the piano is not tuned to standard pitch. We tune with traditional aural (by ear) methods combined with modern technology for added precision. Our standard tuning price is $135.00. Additional charges may apply depending on the condition of the piano.

Pitch Raise

Also known as a double tuning, a pitch raise is required when a piano has drifted significantly below standard pitch. In order to produce a more stable tuning, every string must first be pulled near its correct pitch then fine-tuned on a second pass. With modern tuning equipment, we can show you how far out of tune your piano is if a pitch raise is needed. If your piano is in need of a pitch raise, there will be a $50 fee added to the standard tuning price. 


The hammers that strike the strings in a piano have a felt covering. The repeated impact against the string will compact and wear the felt down; changing the sound of the piano. If your piano has developed a more harsh, percussion like sound then when you first acquired it, voicing can restore the tone it once had. Voicing is billed at the repair rate of $50 per hour.


There are many moving parts for every key on the piano that will require adjustment. Keys that are not level, notes that won’t sound when played softly, and “dead” sounding notes are a sign that your piano is in need of regulation. Regulating your piano will ensure that the mechanics of the action all function properly and provide the control a musician needs. Regulation is billed at the repair rate of $50 per hour.

Not sure what service your piano needs?


Contact us and have a Certified Piano Technician evaluate your piano and make suggestions so you can decide what service you want to perform.

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